Firefighters in Vermont have done a tremendous job of keeping the fire statistics at favorable averages. For instance, the state had 0 deaths and 7.9 injuries per 1,000 fires compared to the national averages of 2.3 and 7.2 respectively.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 330 firefighters were working in Vermont as of May 2022. To work as a firefighter in Vermont, you have to complete the following steps. Please note that these are general steps and the exact requirements may vary from fire department to fire department.

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Steps to Become a Firefighter in Vermont

To become a firefighter in Vermont, the following steps are generally involved:

Basic Requirements
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Provide proof of residence and a valid state driver’s license.
  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Hold a high school diploma or higher education.
  • EMT training is preferable, though not mandatory.
Background Checks and Education
  • Firefighter candidates in Vermont are expected to continue their education and training throughout their career.
  • Departments conduct background checks to ensure no felonies or history of illegal drug use, which also includes drug testing during the physical examination.
Formal Training and Education
  • Vermont has a technical college offering a program in Fire Science. This program provides classroom learning and hands-on experience in fire technology and suppression skills, aiding in acquiring Firefighter I and II certifications.
  • Alternatively, professional training is available at the state fire academy in Pittsford, which trains candidates to meet standards for Firefighter I and II training.
Certification Requirements
  • For volunteer and call firefighters working less than 32 hours per week, certification requirements are set by the local fire chief. Many departments require Firefighter I or II certification.
  • Full-time firefighters must obtain Firefighter I certification within 12 months of working more than 32 hours per week. This can be extended to 24 months upon request.
Certification Renewal
  • Firefighter certifications in Vermont are valid for one year and expire on June 30th annually. Renewal requires completing 24 hours of continued training. This includes a hazardous materials refresher, CPR/AED refresher, SCBA training, and additional training relevant to the firefighter’s duties.
Gaining Certification
  • Certification is usually obtained by completing a program at the Vermont Fire Academy and passing the certification exam. Those who receive training outside the Academy may gain certification by passing a certification challenge exam.
Reciprocity for Outside Certifications
  • Individuals with fire service certifications from entities other than the Vermont Fire Academy can apply for reciprocal recognition. This requires affiliation with a Vermont Fire Department and an assessment of continued training since earning the original certification

These steps outline a comprehensive pathway for becoming a firefighter in Vermont, emphasizing continuous education, practical training, and adherence to certification standards.

Salary of Firefighters in Vermont

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Vermont firefighters made:

  • Annual Mean Salary: $46,920.
  • Annual Median Salary: $44,800.

Firefighters Training Academies in Vermont

In Vermont, there are several options for certified firefighter training academies for new recruits:

Vermont Fire Academy in Pittsford

  • The Vermont Fire Academy focuses on delivering training to responders throughout the state.
  • Facilities at this location include an administration building, fire station, burn building, technical rescue training grounds, and fire training grounds​​​​.

Vermont Fire Academy’s Second Site at Vermont Technical College

  • A secondary training site of the Vermont Fire Academy is situated on the campus of the Vermont Technical College in Randolph, VT.
  • This site features a burn building and training grounds, though it is more limited compared to the main site in Pittsford.

VSFA Fire Cadet Academy in Pittsford

  • The VSFA (Vermont State Firefighters’ Association) Fire Cadet Academy is located at 93 Davison Drive, Pittsford, VT.
  • This academy’s mission is to develop the confidence and self-reliance of its participants, promote team cooperation and individual responsibility, teach and develop basic firefighting and emergency service skills, and help build a strong sense of community involvement and support.

These academies provide comprehensive training and education for aspiring firefighters in Vermont, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of firefighting and emergency services.

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