Firefighters in the US are nearly always in demand, with thousands of calls being made to the fire department every year. According to the report submitted by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) in 2021, 36,624,000 calls were made to fire departments across the US – a number which has risen from 10,819,000 in 1980.

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The number of fatalities due to fire outbreaks has gone down over the years, thanks to better equipment and quicker emergency management systems. In 2021, fires in the country caused property loss of about 15.95 billion US dollars. This is a decrease from the previous year, when fires caused about 21.87 billion US dollars in property loss.

With numbers such as these, it is safe to say firefighters are going to remain high in demand for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in a firefighter career, the following guide would be of use to you. It provides information on firefighter career statistics, firefighter career outlook and how to become a firefighter in the US.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Firefighter

Firefighting is one of the most rewarding jobs as it gives an opportunity to serve the community and make a difference in people’s lives. Among the best service jobs, firefighters follow good principles, discipline, physical stamina, and fitness. Other than this, firefighters enjoy job security, have health insurance, firefighter pension commission, longevity pay, and life insurance & disability package. Overall, there is a huge sense of fulfillment in career as a firefighter.

2021 Mean Salary$55,290 per year
Job Outlook 2021-20314%
Number of Jobs, 2021326,100
Employment Change, 2021-3113,900

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)

Firefighter Career Outlook in the US

Job prospects for firefighters are expected to be good, despite the increasing number of volunteer firefighters that are now qualifying for firefighting jobs. Applicants who are in good physical shape and have some amount of postsecondary firefighting education are likely to have the best job prospects.

Firefighter career prospects will also vary according to the location and individual fire department policies. Below are the states with the highest employment level in firefighters:

North Carolina15,410

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)

Information is also available for industries with the highest levels of employment in firefighters:

IndustryEmployment Annual Mean Wage 
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OEWS Designation)279,570$ 56,640
Other Support Services17,110$ 35,120
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals (OEWS Designation)10,260$ 53,350
Federal Executive Branch (OEWS Designation)7,670$ 55,650
Other Ambulatory Health Care Services660$ 40,000

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