How to Become a Firefighter in New Mexico

Firefighters in New Mexico work around the clock to deal with fires all over the state. In 2017, New Mexico averaged 2.3 casualties per 1,000 fires along with 3.2 injuries. The national average for fire-related injuries during the year was 9.3.

This makes the role of the state’s 245 registered fire departments a very important one. New Mexicans can rest easy knowing that the state’s bravest souls are always on their toes to deal with fires erupting anywhere. And they don’t hesitate to go above and beyond the call of duty if need be. From 1990 to 2018, 27 firefighters lost their lives while saving others. If you aspire to become a firefighter in New Mexico, you should know about the things outlined in this guide.

Career Paths for Firefighters in New Mexico

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Safety Expert
  • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)/Paramedic
  • Fire Investigator (Commonly Employed by Insurance Companies)
  • Fire Alarm Service Technician

Requirements for Joining the New Mexico Firefighting Squad

To join the ranks of New Mexico’s firefighters, you need to fulfill the criteria outlined below.

  • At least 21 or older to be eligible to apply
  • Must have passed high school. If not, the alternative GED (General Educational Development) certificate will suffice
  • Hold a valid New Mexico driver’s license
  • No criminal record anywhere in the United States
  • Must be an American national (through naturalization or birth in the US)
  • Pass the preliminary written exam
  • Clear the physical assessment. Many fire departments also accept the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) score. So, if you are applying with the CPAT, try to score as high as possible
  • Obtain a valid State of New Mexico Emergency Medical Technician license by the time open enrollment ends

How Much Time Is Needed to Become a New Mexico Firefighter?

Firefighting training tends to last for 6 to 7 months on average. Other than that, the time taken by your local fire department to complete the screening process means that it will take you around 8 to 12 months to become a firefighter in New Mexico.

How Much Does a Firefighter Make in New Mexico?

According to information made available by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters in New Mexico had an annual mean wage of $36,590 in May, 2018.

New Mexico Firefighting Future Career Outlook

According to O*Net Online, employment opportunities for firefighters in the United States are projected to grow by 7% from 2016 to 2026. For New Mexico, a 4% increase is expected within the same timeframe.