Kentucky,KY: How to Become a Firefighter

Firefighters are called to scenes to respond and provide rescue operations during fires and other emergencies. This includes house fires, building fires, or any property fires. Firefighters are the first ones on site in case of emergencies like building collapse, chemical spill, car or train accidents, as well as plane crash.

A firefighter is required to have complete knowledge of firefighting apparatus, equipment, and knowledge of emergency medical services. To become a firefighter, candidate needs to acquire great physical strength and stamina as they are required to lift heavy debris and materials. The eligibility requirements for Kentucky firefighter recruits includes being between the ages of 19 and 50, and having a high school diploma or equivalent.

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In fact, firefighters do more than just putting out fires and getting people out of a burning facility. Often the first responders to road accidents and similar situations, firefighters provide emergency medical care to victims of such incidents.
Other than that, the daily routine of a firefighter includes participation in fire drills, different types of training exercises, preparing reports on field duty, etc. If you are aiming to pursue a career as a firefighter in Kentucky, this piece will tell you everything you need to know.

Career Options for Firefighters in Kentucky

  • Firefighter
  • Volunteer Firefighter
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) / Paramedic
  • Fire Investigator
  • Industrial Fire Safety Specialist

Kentucky Firefighter Requirements

Following are the prerequisites that firefighting aspirants in Kentucky must fulfill.

  • Must be at least 18
  • Must have cleared high school or possess an alternative GED (General Educational Development) certificate
  • Must be a US citizen, be it through birth or naturalization
  • Must have a valid Kentucky driver’s license
  • Must not have a criminal record of any kind, whether in Kentucky or some other state
  • Must qualify the initial written test
  • Must pass the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test)
  • Must clear the medical exam along with a polygraph test and a thorough background check
Educational RequirementsPostsecondary nondegree award
Licensure/CertificationCertification and License is mandatory
Experience/TrainingFirefighter Training Academy
Key SkillsQuick Response, Good Communication, Resilience, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Courage, Publics Safety and Security
Annual Mean Salary – Kentucky (2021)$34,060 per year
Job Outlook – Kentucky (2018 – 2028)7%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021) and O*Net Online

How Much Time Will Be Needed to Become a Firefighter in Kentucky?

To become a firefighter in Kentucky, KY, candidates are required to pass a written exam, physical agility exam, clear polygraph exam, as well as a background check. Once the candidates are screened and shortlisted, they begin a 26-week long training program at the fire training academy.

Kentucky Firefighter Salary

$34,060 was the mean annual salary of firefighters in Kentucky, KY, as per BLS in 2021. The corresponding national median annual salary of firefighters in 2021 was $55,290. Below are the top 5 highest paying states for this occupation in the US in 2021.


StateAnnual mean wage
New Jersey$84,930
New York$72,670

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Firefighting Job Outlook in Kentucky

O*Net Online forecasts a 7% increase in employment opportunities for firefighters in Kentucky, KY, between 2018 and 2028. This growth in employment is mainly due to intense industrial blazes, floods, wildfires, and disaster relief operations. The corresponding national average for this occupation is 9% between 2020-2030. Below are the states with the highest employment level in ffirefighters.

North Carolina15,410

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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